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Fantastic Voyage

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Release Date: TBA

Genres: Remake, Adventure, Science Fiction, Thriller          

Production Phase: Development Hell

Studio: 20th Century Fox   Production Company: Lightstorm Entertainment

Premise: A team of scientists and a submersible are shrunk down to microscopic size so that they can be injected into the bloodstream of a critically injured patient and save their life.... More »

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

After courting directors who have had high concept, special effects laden films to their name, Fox and producer James Cameron have now greeted helmer Shawn Levy as the new director for their Fantastic Voyage 3D remake.

Levy has a background of being a comedic filmmaker. His movies for Fox, such as Cheaper By the Dozen, Night at the Museum and last year's Date Night have been all big hits for the studio. At the moment he's currently making the sci-fi/actioner Real Steel for DreamWorks, which is giving him his sci-fi legs.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The rumor du jour is that Clash of the Titans remake director Louis Leterrier is Cameron's top choice to direct the new Fantastic Voyage. It's an interesting rumor as Cameron made no bones about disliking the post-production 3D conversion of Clash, although that doesn't necessarily mean that he disliked the material itself.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

According to this site Paul Greengrass has decided to not direct Fantastic Voyage. Instead, he's now looking at doing a new version of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic adventure story Treasure Island.

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Director Paul Greengrass is in talks with 20th Century Fox to film the Fantastic Voyage remake, still stuck in development hell. James Cameron is still attached as a producer to the movie. The idea would be for Greengrass to film the movie using the same stereoscopic 3D technology that Cameron used for Avatar.  [Full story]

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Tuesday, March 26, 2002

It's been three long years since any news has been heard about the remake of Fantastic Voyage. The drought ended today when Sci-Fi Wire reported a statement from producer Dean Devlin that none other than James Cameron (Titanic, The Terminator, Aliens) is now involved in some capacity with the new Voyage.

"Cameron is doing Fantastic Voyage now," Devlin said in an interview with Sci-Fi Wire. "Unfortunately for us, but I think he's going to do a great job. It's one of those things, if anyone is going to do a project you wanted to do, you'd rather it be [him]. If it's Cameron, [Steven] Spielberg, [Robert] Zemeckis, you kind of go, 'OK, fine!'"

- Sci-Fi Wire. Comment on this Scoop (0)
Thursday, May 28, 1998

"This film is currently in developmental hell since Devlin and Emmerich have recently gone over to Sony, leaving Fox. Since Fox has the rights to the film, and D&E are no longer with them, it's probably up in the air as to who will make it, and when it will be made (if at all). The only reason Glen Morgan and Jim Wong agreed to write it in the first place was because they are friends with Devlin and Emmerich and William Fay."

- Sent in by 'Freakout'. Comment on this Scoop (0)
Tuesday, February 10, 1998

Writers Glen Morgan and James Wong were guests of The Sci-Fi Channel's IRC forum late in January, and were asked how the progress of this movie's script was coming along. The duo said that the script was finished in June, but, and the scooper quotes the pair, "Devlin & Emmerich are probably going to Sony but the rights to FV are owned by FOX so there's been some hang-up in the picture because of that." How Devlin and Emmerich's Sony deal will impact the progress of this flick remains to be seen.

- Scoop sent in by Ryan Salmon. Comment on this Scoop (0)
Monday, January 19, 1998

The latest comes from 'Morpheus', who tells us that the current angle has dropped the alien being-as-host. Now, the movie opens in 2041 as two miniaturized crews (one being a Navy SEAL team) are injected into the President of the United States.

- Thanks to 'Morpheus' for the shot of hemoglobin. Comment on this Scoop (0)
Friday, March 14, 1997

The writing duo of James Wong and Glen Morgan, best known for their work on the hit series The X-Files, have been chosen to write this picture's latest draft. Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin, the remake's producers, will polish the script afterwards.

- Scoop sent in by Joe Hanna. Comment on this Scoop (0)
Sunday, October 6, 1996

With all the members of the original cast dead with the exception of Raquel Welch, this may be the reason for the rumor that no original cast members will be seen in the new movie.

- Scoop reported anonymously. Comment on this Scoop (0)
Sunday, September 15, 1996

This person writes to tell us some gossip about how the remake of Fantastic Voyage may be shaping up. Some thought may be given to have cameos of the original cast members. The scooper tells us that, according to what they know, "Miniaturization was revealed to produce toxic cancer which killed members of the original cast. This story (penned by Emmerich and Devlin, with their usual unoriginal echoes of ID4) concerns a saucer crash/retrieval. The alien recovered is dying, and it falls to members of the team (including, supposedly, Dean Cain and Sandra Bullock) to find out what terrestrial disease is contributing to the alien's ongoing and terminal illness. Don't expect this soon, as apparently their deal with Fox favors Godzilla."

Remember kiddies, it's just rumor and gossip so far. Nothing has been officially announced concerning the plotline or any casting decisions.

- Scoop furnished by Jericho Fist. Comment on this Scoop (0)


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