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Spider-Man 4

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Release Date: TBA

Genres: Action, Comic Book, Sequel          

Production Phase: Dead

Studio: Columbia Pictures   Production Company: Laura Ziskin Productions

Who's In It: Tobey Maguire (Peter Parker / Spider-Man), Kirsten Dunst (Mary-Jane Watson), Dylan Baker (Dr. Curt Connors),

Who's Making It: Laura Ziskin (Producer), James Vanderbilt (Screenwriter),

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 4 movie may be dead but that's not going to stop the actors that would have starred in it to talk with the press. In an interview with MTV, J.K. Simmons told the site where the Daily Bugle publisher would have gone in the proposed fourth film.

"J. Jonah Jameson was going to be somehow exiled or disgraced or demoted and end up in some little cubicle somewhere and be railing, even more than usual, against the world," Simmons said. "There wasn't a script yet but I had seen Sam a few weeks before that and we talked about story ideas, because on those movies, we always started on the script and we expanded on it. There was a lot of either us coming up with stuff in the room or doing it literally on set—a lot of improv-y stuff with the whole cast in those office scenes."

Simmons also said that Raimi only gave him that sort of brief outline, then encouraged Simmons to "go bring me funny stuff."

- MTV. Comment on this Scoop (0)
Sunday, April 18, 2010

Last last year there was a rumor that John Malkovich had been approached to play the classic Spider-Man villain The Vulture in Spider-Man 4. That rumor was never confirmed...until now.

Speaking directly with Malkovich, Collider's Steve Weintraub got the actor to not only confirm that he was lined up to play The Vulture but also provide some insight as to why Sony Pictures ultimately decided to scrap SM4 for a reboot.

“Yes [I was disappointed]," Malkovich told the website. "But because I like Sam and I like Toby [Maguire] and all that stuff, and the producers, two of whom I’d met before because I’d been offered the first [film] … I came to like them, so sure why not? But it didn’t play out."

(Malkovich was offered the part of the Green Goblin in the 2002 Spider-Man movie. That role ultimately went to Willen Dafoe.)

And as for his thoughts on why he thought Spider-Man 4 fell apart, Malkovich had this to say: "Well, I think a lot of the people who sort of follow that genre… I’m not sure, I never really spoke with Sam about this, but I’m not sure they — maybe the kind of fanbase, the fanboys — either didn’t approve of that character as an adversary for him to some extent…or maybe the studio. Or maybe that was totally unrelated to why it fell apart."

- Collider. Comment on this Scoop (0)
Monday, January 11, 2010

Sony Pictures has announced that it no longer plans on making Spider-Man 4. Instead, the studio is rebooting the franchise and returning Peter Parker to high school for their next Spider-Man movie (now slated to open in 2012.) Also gone from the creative direction of Sony's Spider-Man is director Sam Raimi and stars Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst. [Full story]

As a result of Sony's sudden announcement we are moving this version of the proposed Spider-Man 4 movie to the "Dead" phase of development. Rest in peace.

- Sony Pictures. Comment on this Scoop (0)
Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Hollywood Reporter's Borys Kit and Carl DiOrio are reporting that Sony Pictures is on the verge of delaying the planned spring start of production on Spider-Man 4 which could derail the movie from premiering come May 2011.

THR states that the problem is over what villains should be in the movie. In one corner is Sam Raimi's preferred choice of The Vulture (whom we already know is being considered thanks to this scoop from December 2009.) In the other corner is the studio who favors a combo between the Black Cat and another unnamed bad guy. The impass has reached a point where a delay in the film's production and release could become a very real fact.

The Reporter also mentions that Alvin Sargent (Spider-Man 2) is now taking a crack at the sequel's script.

- The Hollywood Reporter. Comment on this Scoop (0)
Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Movieline is breaking the rumor that John Malkovich is being considered for the role of The Vulture, one of Spidey's oldest adversaries from the Marvel comic books, and that Anne Hathaway's character may not in fact be the Black Cat but instead a newly created villainess named The Vulturess. Juicy casting rumors indeed.

- Movieline. Comment on this Scoop (1)
Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another new casting rumor to report, this time for Anne Hathaway. Rumor has it that the Princess Diaries/The Devil Wears Prada actress has been approached about that mysterious new female lead role in the sequel.

- Deadline Hollywood. Comment on this Scoop (0)
Tuesday, November 17, 2009

First came the name of Rachel McAdams. Now it's Julia Stiles turn to take a trip on the Spider-Man 4 casting rumor circuit as UGO lays it down from a source that the Bourne trilogy actress has met with a casting agent about a part in the sequel. For what part, no one knows. Yet.

- UGO. Comment on this Scoop (0)
Tuesday, November 17, 2009

According to Rachel McAdams, the rumor that she's been approached to play Black Cat in Spider-Man 4 is incorrect. "It's not true," was among the things that the actress had to say about the casting gossip when Entertainment Weekly caught up to her and asked if it was happening. Also, when EW contacted a Sony rep for confirmation/denial that source also shot down the McAdams rumor as "an Internet rumor."

- Entertainment Weekly. Comment on this Scoop (0)
Monday, November 9, 2009

Mania has revealed the identity of one of two new superhero characters that will debut in Spider-Man 4, as well as the name of the star who has met with the film's producers for the part. Since it's their big juicy exclusive you'll have to head on over to their neck of the woods to find out who the character and the actor is.

- Mania. Comment on this Scoop (0)
Thursday, October 22, 2009

During a Q & A last night held after a showing of Trick 'r Treat in NYC, actor Dylan Baker stated that he had received the first call informing him that he'll be needed for Spider-Man 4. Baker said that he would be "appearing in the background" which makes it sound like his role will be similar in scale to what we saw in the second and third SM movies.

- UGO. Comment on this Scoop (0)
Saturday, October 10, 2009

In a new interview director Sam Raimi gave a status update on where Spider-Man 4 planning is right now. Screenwriter Gary Ross is continuing to work on a rewrite (Raimi has just provided notes to him), a production designer has started working on set design and Scott Stokdyk has been hired as one of two visual effects supervisors for the movie. Stokdyk worked on all three prior Spider-Man films.

Raimi is hoping that everything will come together so that the first week of filming will be at the start of March 2010.

- MTV. Comment on this Scoop (0)
Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When Spider-Man 4 arrives in theaters on May 5, 2011 it will also be playing on IMAX screens. Columbia Pictures and the IMAX Corporation announced today that the fourth Spider-Man movie will get its image and sound digitally remastered for presentation on IMAX screens.

"The last two Spider-Man releases have been available in IMAX theaters, and we're very much looking forward to our return to a wider IMAX theatre network with this exciting new chapter in the continuing adventures of Spider-Man," said Rory Bruer, president, worldwide distribution for Sony Pictures Releasing. "The addition of so many new IMAX locations will give even more fans of Spider-Man an opportunity to experience the action and adventure in a unique way."

"Spider-Man continues to be one of the world's most popular motion picture franchises, and we are very excited to include the latest chapter as part of our 2011 slate," said IMAX CEO Richard L. Gelfond. "Our network has grown significantly and we continue to roll-out new theatres virtually every week, giving more moviegoers the opportunity to experience the movie in IMAX."

"We're so excited to once again work with our friends at Columbia Pictures, Sony and Marvel to bring this beloved superhero back to IMAX theatres," said Greg Foster, chairman and president of IMAX Filmed Entertainment. "The Spider-Man franchise has been so important to the growth of our network and fan base over the years and we're certainly looking forward to re-teaming with the entire cast and production team to bring this next chapter to moviegoers worldwide."

The announcement also confirmed the return of director Sam Raimi, stars Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, producer Laura Ziskin, Avi Arad, Todd Black and Grant Curtis and executive producers Stan Lee, Todd Hallowell and Josh Donen. Gary Ross was also listed as the project's latest screenwriter.

- IMAX Corporation, Columbia Pictures. Comment on this Scoop (0)
Sunday, September 13, 2009

According to Bruce Campbell, filming on Spider-Man 4 begins in January 2010. This is what the actor told Access Hollywood while attending the premiere of his latest screen credit, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. He also told the outlet that he has a bigger role in the movie this time, but what does that mean exactly? More screen time than his short cameos in the three earlier Spider-Man films or are we talking a major part this time?

- Access Hollywood. Comment on this Scoop (0)
Monday, June 22, 2009

An unconfirmed rumor that emerged from a Super Hero Hype scooper suggests that actor Michael Papajohn will be returning in Spider-Man 4. Papajohn played the carjacker that shot Peter's Uncle Ben in the first Spider-Man and he replayed the role again in Spider-Man 3.

- Super Hero Hype. Comment on this Scoop (0)
Monday, June 8, 2009

New York Post blogger Reed Tucker interviewed producer Todd Black at the junket for The Taking of Pelham 123 and also slipped in a few questions about the rumors circling Spider-Man 4's storyline and who the villain is. Tucker got these incidentals out of Black:

  • Kirsten Dunst is now officially signed to star in the sequel.
  • Black dismissed the rumor that a wedding between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson would happen in the movie.
  • Morbius the Living Vampire will not be the villain.
  • The villain is someone who has a close connection to the Big Apple. "We're just coming up with who the villain's going to be now. We'll be shooting in New York again," Black explained. "Trust me, people will appreciate who we pick, because it'll be a big part of New York."

So which Spidey villain has strong ties to NYC? There's mobsters like The Kingpin but he was used in 20th Century Fox's 2002 superhero film Daredevil -- unless Sony has somehow acquired the character to use in its franchise. There are other gangsters like Hammerhead, who is an enforcer working for the underworld. Who else fits the bill? Our best guess is that it's The Kingpin.

- New York Post. Comment on this Scoop (0)


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