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Corona's Coming Attractions is back!

Posted by Patrick Sauriol on Friday, December 19, 2008

Corona's Coming Attractions is back!

After being offline for nearly four long years, say hello to Coming Attractions 2.0: bigger, better and -- dare I say -- more beautiful than before. If you remember the old version of CA then you'll recall the site's legendary database of movies in development, production and release. Launching in April 1995, Coming Attractions became the first movie news website to publish insider information as well as compile all of the rumors and facts about a movie into a easy-to-understand format. If you wanted to know the latest news about a film that was coming out and see how its development took place over years, CA was there to give you the goods. After disappearing offline in 2004, in 2006 the decision was made by CA's creator, Patrick Sauriol, to relaunch the site. What you're looking at is the cumulation of two years of planning, programming and praying.

While the visual look of Coming Attractions has been given a much-needed redesign, the main purpose for the site's existence hasn't changed in the slightest. The movie database lists films in development, from their earliest days as an unfounded rumor to right up to the movie's release date and beyond. As was the case with the earlier version of CA, you can sort through the site's database of upcoming movies by genre, by stage of development or by release date. But now there are new features to offer you more information as well as giving you an opportunity to be an active participant in how much (or little) hype a movie has! Here's a short list of the new features that the new Coming Attractions has to offer:

  • in addition to the movie database of individual films there are now 9 categories for news (Film, TV, DVD, Games, Celebrity, Industry, Cool Culture, Site News and Reviews) which will give you more detailed information about breaking news from the world of entertainment.
  • a flexible and powerful search engine that gives you many more options for how you want to search for a particular film, star, director, writer, producer, crew member or for news stories.
  • multiple top 10 lists, updated daily, that show what films are the most popular on CA.
  • the HypeLine is an easy to understand graph that will instantly show you the ebb and flow of a movie as it progresses through its different phases of development as well as show what the hype level was for the film at any time!
  • the HypeMeter allows registered users the chance to rate what they think is the current cool factor of a movie. Each day the HypeMeter for a movie can change depending on what people think of the latest trailer, casting news, early review or anything else. Change the hype level for the movies you follow at any time and see if it's cooling off or getting hotter as it approaches release!
  • for registered users, proprietary message forums that allow you to share your list of your own top 10 movies, receive RSS feeds and updates from subscribed movie database pages.
  • the ability to not just leave comments about individual news stories but also on individual scoops on movie database pages.
  • photo galleries, posters, trailers and more on database pages as well as expanded cast/crew information, financial data, important websites and more.
  • box office information updated weekly.
  • and finally -- the ability to sort scoops on movie database pages by ascending/descending order!

And those are just the big ones -- there are plenty of other fun new things for you to discover on Coming Attractions, plus there are more updates planned for the future. There are already over 100 database pages for upcoming movies on the site with more being added all the time. And yes, the thousands of titles for the movies that existed on the old CA will be brought over to the new site, bit by bit, movie by movie. There's a lot of data there but rest assured it will all be on here eventually!

Whether you were a fan of the old CA or are experiencing it for the first time, I hope that you enjoy the site and decide to become a regular reader and registered user. What else can I say but enjoy the show!

Posts: 74
Posted: 8 years 43 weeks ago


Hey, man, long-time CA fan here (so long-time that I had this handle before Keanu ever heard of the comic). Glad to see CA is up and fancier than ever. About to dive into the pages and leave my spoor where comment is required.

Congrats on coming back, man. We missed ya.


Already plotting revenge...
Posts: 39
Posted: 8 years 43 weeks ago


Posts: 38
Posted: 8 years 43 weeks ago

Congrats on the new site. Welcome back to the real world(?)

That whole comment on it being more beautiful makes me wonder if I somehow had my eyes closed and missed the beauty of the original? :)

ShaneCeleb Wallpapers * Glee *
Posts: 1
Posted: 8 years 43 weeks ago

Way to go, sir. Nice to see the ship sail again.

Posts: 1
Posted: 8 years 43 weeks ago

Great to see you back, Patrick!

Posts: 1
Posted: 8 years 42 weeks ago

Wow, congrats Patrick. I remember submitting scoops for Corona back in the day. Great to see you back! Your new site will again be apart of my regular daily reading! :D

Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Posts: 35
Posted: 8 years 42 weeks ago

Welcome back Patrick!

[Enter witty witticism of no particular brevity or relevance here.]
Posts: 965
Posted: 8 years 42 weeks ago

welcome back Patrick. Time t get back to business and round up the troops who have become lost and separated over years of neglect, I see lots of MANIA peeps over here too (Hi Slamshut and Trazalca!!) and a few new names as well..
I'm glad yer back in business, buddy!!!

Posts: 1
Posted: 8 years 42 weeks ago

I remember checking out coming attractions daily during the mid 90's. Glad to see you're back. Congrats on the new site Patrick!

Darth Snoopy
Posts: 62
Posted: 8 years 39 weeks ago

Holy Crap.

No, I don't spellcheck.