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Exclusive: Game of Thrones season 2 roundtable

Game of Thrones’s second season, based off of George R.R. Martin’s novel A Clash of Kings, is blissfully due to descend on us in just a few weeks’ time.  And though anticipation for the show’s return couldn’t be higher, there seems to be a growing undercurrent of tension or concern among both the fan and journalistic communities.  Showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff have changed the name of Asha Greyjoy, Theon’s sister back on the Iron Islands, to Yara?  The way-cool storyline the crippled Bran Stark has back at Winterfell might be cut and moved to the third season?  Daenerys Targaryen’s minimal presence in the novel might be dramatically expanded – with action scenes?

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Monday, January 30, 2012

4 minute preview of The Walking Dead midseason return

On Sunday, February 12 AMC will broadcast the midseason premiere episode of The Walking Dead. Returning back to the air with the backend 6 episodes of season two, the title for that night's show is "Nebraska", and it picks up exactly where the last episode, which aired in November, ended:

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Frank Darabont coming back to TV with L.A. Noir

The Walking Dead series showrunner Frank Darabont may have been fired by AMC, he had horror fans and the ratings on his side. Now Darabont has found a new job in TV land developing a series for TNT called L.A. Noir.

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Star Wars: Underworld is the name of the show

With Red Tails set to come out this coming Friday, IGN met with producer Rick McCallum to interview him about the film. Really, they were hoping for that moment when they could unleash the geek question and ask him what was the latest with the frozen in carbonite live-action Star Wars TV series. You remember that, don't you? That was supposed to be a weekly Star Wars series that showed us what life was like in that galaxy far, far away in-between Episode III and Episode IV.

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Helen Mirren wants to be Doctor Who

Six days ago one of England's tabloids got some attention when they ran a quote attributed to Dame Helen Mirren, the 67-year-old actress of The Debt, Red, Prime Suspect and Best Actress Oscar-winner for her performance as Queen Elizabeth II in The Queen. Why? Because she wants to be the main Time Lord in Doctor Who.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Trailer: Game of Thrones, season 2

Were you watching the season finale of Boardwalk Empire last night you would have been treated to a short taste of things to come in the second season of Game of Thrones.

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Avatar: Legend of Korra opening leaked

The opening sequence to The Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra has leaked onto the Internet.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Booster Gold pilot ordered by Syfy

The time travelling DC Comics superhero who has dreams of getting rich and famous as a superhero has gotten his shot at finding a wider audience. Syfy has ordered an hour-long pilot for a proposed Booster Gold TV series.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Doc Holliday HBO series in development

At his best, Akiva Goldsman can write screenplays that win Oscars (A Beautiful Mind). At his worst, we get Batman skating on ice wearing body armor with nipples (Batman & Robin).

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dexter renewed for two more seasons

Showtime has negotiated a two-year contract with Dexter star Michael C. Hall, which will bring the show up to its eighth season.

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Trailer: Doctor Who Christmas 2011 special

As has been the tradition ever since the show returned to the air in 2004, this year there will be another Doctor Who Christmas special. This is the second one to star the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, but this year his two companions won't be around to enjoy the yuletime adventure.

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Elizabeth Shue joins CSI

Elizabeth Shue is joining the cast of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, coming in to fill the void by the upcoming departure of Marg Helgenberger's CSI, Catherine Willows. Shue's new character gets introduced in the episode airing on February 15, 2012.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

South Park renewed for three more seasons

Incredible as it may sound, South Park is now in its 15th season. Comedy Central had already renewed the show for the 16th and 17th season, guaranteeing the show another 20 episodes minimum. However, that wasn't enough for the cable channel and today they announced an additional three more years of South Park, pushing the animated sitcom up to an incredible 20th season.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Charlie Sheen's Anger Management airs summer 2012

Charlie Sheen is back on the air. FX has ordered 10 episodes of Anger Management, a new sitcom based on the 2003 comedy movie of the same name.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who next season?

Did the current actor that plays Doctor Who just let the cat out of the bag?

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No Beverly Hills Cop 4 but a TV show, maybe

Eddie Murphy is out talking with the press about his new movie Tower Heist. He's been relatively quiet from the Hollywood spotlight, except for the occasional pickup of a transsexual that needed a ride, but now he's given an interview to Rolling Stone talking about everything under the sun from doing stand-up again to starring in another Beverly Hills Cop movie.

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