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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Halo: Reach in stores today

It's now out. Copies of Halo: Reach went on sale starting at 12:01 AM today at stores holding special launch day events for the Microsoft Xbox 360 title. Halo: Reach is expected to be one of the year's bestsellers, and early indications are holding up that expectation. Gamers across North America turned out dozens to hundreds deep to be amongst the first to own a copy of the title, and sales of the three versions are in the top five slots overall at (and that includes the $149 Legendary Edition of Halo: Reach.)

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Tron: Evolution collector's edition revealed

Have extra room in your game room? Disney Interactive wants to help you find a way to fill up that extra space with a lightcycle replica from the upcoming Tron Legacy movie. If you're thinking about picking up a copy of Tron: Evolution for your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 come December then Disney would like you to consider upgrading to the Collector's Edition version.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Halo: Reach ad campaign continues

Earlier today I showed you the first commercial for Microsoft's Halo: Reach, likely to be one of the year's biggest sellers. This afternoon Bungie, the game's developer and creator, released the second ad. It's titled "Deliver Hope".

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Remember Reach

When you can't convince Hollywood to make a Halo movie, do the commercial.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Portal 2 video introduces a British AI

Valve Corporation has been working on Portal 2 for more than a year. A sequel to the brilliant 1997 first-person puzzle game Portal, which if you haven't played it you really should, the sequel brings back Chell, the woman that escaped from the clutches of Apature Science's evil AI GLaDOS using her portal gun and spring-augmented jumping jacks on her legs. Chell's back in trouble in Portal 2 as this latest video Valve has just released shows. It also introduces us to a new AI named Wheatley, voiced by the British humorist Stephen Merchant. If this short preview of Merchant's delivery and Portal 2's improved graphics are any indication of the finished game, we're going to have a blast playing Portal 2.

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Batman: Arkham City announced

It's been whispered in gaming forums for two years and yesterday Warner Bros. Interactive made it official that a sequel to its hit console video game Batman: Arkham Asylum was in development. Titled: Batman: Arkham City, the game is being made by the same original team behind the first game, Rocksteady Studios.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs. the PlayStation Network

There's a Scott Pilgrim vs. the World video game coming out next month, August 10 to be precise, for those with access to the PlayStation Network. It's a tie-in to the forthcoming Scott Pilgrim vs. the World movie (that's arriving on August 13) and if you're a fan of the old 16-bit, Super Nintendo console universe, then this is going to be like gravy on a turkey for you. In other words, you'll want to munch on seconds and third and turkey leftovers all week long.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Crackdown 2 streets

Released today for the Xbox 360 is Crackdown 2, one of the console's eagerly anticipated games of the season, a third-person sandbox shooter and sequel to the first 2007 title. Developed by the Scotland-based Ruffian Games, the sequel brings to the title's fans the ability to play 4-player co-op and 16-player multiplayer modes. It's also amped the danger level for players returning to Pacific City as the mutant-powered Freaks are joined by the nihilistic anarchists called The Cell to cause mayhem in the metropolis.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Jaw-dropping trailer for The Force Unleashed II

E3, the year's biggest video gaming event is about to slam into high gear in two days. Think of it as the summer movie season crammed into one week: to build up momentum and gain some much needed hype, game companies have been releasing screenshots and trailers for their new wares, hoping to excite the public and newsmakers to cover their titles when the exposition finally opens its gates on June 15.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Back to the Future, Jurassic Park video games coming our way

Telltale Games has announced that it is in development on episodic adventures that will extend the universes of Jurassic Park and Back to the Future into video games. The gaming company, which already has much experience making these short-form games, is targeting a winter 2010 release for the first wave of the dinosaur and time travel games.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Fatalities are back with 9th Mortal Kombat game

"We are bringing the Mortal Kombat franchise back to gamers with the talented NetherRealm Studios team creating the game fans long to play," said Martin Tremblay, President, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. "Re-establishing the brand with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Mortal Kombat innovates on past games while staying true to the brand's legendary characters and fighting style."

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Road filmmaker goes down the road with Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar Games, the maker of the Grand Theft Auto series, have a new game out called Red Dead Redemption that's getting rave reviews. Considered a "sandbox" game where you can explore the environment freely on your own, RDR is set in the old west of the 1900s and follows a former outlaw named John Marston that is sent on a mission by his government to end the final era of lawlessness to the frontier.

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Mortal Kombat concept video raises questions and shows fatalities

Mortal Kombat fans are wondering what the reasons are for a slick looking short film that reboots the movie spinoff franchise as a hard-edge actioner. The short has Hollywood level stars, fight choreography, editing and direction. The big question is: was this Mortal Kombat video done as a test for an R-rated movie reboot or is it the next step in the video game's evolution?

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blur wants to beat up Super Mario Kart

When a game company launches a new IP (intellectual property), there's high pressure to make it deliver. These days putting in a couple of years of manpower and millions of dollars isn't enough to guarantee that consumers will take notice, especially if your company is launching a new racing franchise into an already crowded game genre. That's where some innovative marketing can come in handy.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Play The Human Centipede: The Video Game

There hasn't been much coverage of The Human Centipede here on Coming Attractions. After watching the segments (no pun intended) and discovering about the...premise...of the movie, I needed some time to get to a better mental place.

And then I learn about this.

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